Vice President

As Vice President of Software Technologies, Tony DeNicola is the youngest executive member of the Sonars company. A New Jersey native, Mr. DeNicola moved to Florida in 1989 to pursue a career in website development an information technology. He is the owner of DeNicola LLC, an internet technology company since 2006, and has served as a…



A natural leader with exceptional skills, Steven Belford serves as the Manufacturing President of the Sonars Company. Mr. Belford brings to the company decades of experience in building a successful independent business in the ADC/AIDC industry. Mr. Belford started his life from an orphanage; where he was first introduced to typesetting & offset printing techniques. Steven set out at a very young age to pursue a career in the printing industry; he has held supervisory positions in several different printing companies in his career. He managed Star Banner, a news paper printing facility in South Florida, for eight years. In the six years to follow he was production supervisor of Continental Plastic Card Company, a rewards/credit card printing company. Then taking advantage of his experience he set out on his own to develop a very lucrative business, A Bar Code Business, Inc. Mr. Belford has 20 plus years of experience in the auto-identification industry and providing data collection & labeling solutions for small businesses and Fortune 100 Companies along with Federal & State Governmental Agencies in the US and abroad. Steven has developed professional relationships with many of the industry’s leading manufactures who are major suppliers for our Kiosk as well as a very strong skill in purchasing to insure he always gets the highest quality products at the best possible price, making him the perfect choice for Manufacturing President of Sonars Company.