Top Zone

The top zone is designed to accommodate missing people and people your agency needs help identifying.

Unlike Amber and Silver alerts, the missing people in this zone are added by your agency.  Pre-built templates are available for you to upload images and text into this area.  There are also generic templates for this area where images pulled from surveillance cameras or sketches can be uploaded to ask the public for help identifying people.


Middle Zone

Public service announcements are displayed in the middle zone.  This zone will allow your agency to run either static images or full video with sound and close captioning.  Sound is optional and can be switched off from the website control panel for use in places where sound is not desired.


Bottom Zone

The bottom zone is used for an agency to display it’s wanted criminals. The template permits the user to select if the person is wanted, captured or arrested.  If captured or arrested is selected, that text is displayed over the persons face to let the public know the person has been captured.

There is also a template for displaying Sex Offenders/Predators in the bottom zone of the kiosk.  Options for this include the type of offender (offender / predator) and if they are on the kiosk as just a notification or if they have absconded.

Automatic Amber Alerts

These are automated from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  When an Amber alert is issued from your state, the top zone campaigns will drop down and run in the bottom zone along with the wanted and sex offenders/predators.  The Amber alert at this time will take over the top two zones of the kiosk to make it clear to the public that something is happening on the kiosk out of the ordinary.  Your agency has access to push out Silver and Blue alerts as well, these function the same way as the amber alert but are not automated.

Weather/Public Notifications

Agencies have the option to add weather to the middle zone of the kiosk.  As this can use a considerable amount of bandwidth over a period of time, the agency has the ability to turn this on and off based on their needs.

Evacuation maps and other public notifications can be run in the middle zone of the kiosk.  These can be pre-loaded and available to run on a moment’s notice.

Third Party Integration

The Community Pro-Tektor software has the ability to accept notifications from any third party application. This is not limited to applications with an API.  If you can register for notifications using a specified email address provided by The Community Pro-Tektor system, the software will accept the emails and convert them into announcements for display on the kiosks.

Social Media Integration

If your agency is like many others, you are entering data into several places each time you have information to get out to the public.  The Community Pro-Tektor Software will help make this task easier with it’s social media integration tools.  Create your campaign in our system and then select which additional avenues you want the information published to (Facebook, twitter, Etc) and it will be sent automatically to those services.

Kiosk Assignments

The backend website control panel gives the agency the ability to create groups for their kiosks.  Each kiosk can then be dropped into a group for campaign assignments.  Once campaigns are created they can be assigned to either a group containing kiosks or to specific kiosks.  This gives the agency the ability to target a campaign to a specific area or kiosk.

Secure communications

The Community Pro-Tektor kiosks talk to our secure server through a Verizon secure VPN Connection.  What this means in plain English is that your kiosk has a Verizon modem in it with an IP address that is not publically accessible through the internet.  The only possible way to communicate with the modem is through the VPN Router that is in our secure data center.

In the event Verizon is not available in your coverage area, other carrier options may be available.

24/7 Support

Other companies may tell you if your kiosk were to go down at 2am no one would notice. We give you a live tech support person to talk to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.  Just like law enforcement, we are always just a call away.

Proprietary Software

The Community Pro-Tektor Kiosk Information System is not “off the shelf” software with limited capabilities.  Our software is written from the first line of code up.  If there is a specific functionality that your agency needs, our programmers can write that into the software for you.

Our kiosk software runs on the Linux operating system to add system stability to the kiosks.  This means less downtime and more public visibility.  Each kiosk can also be accessed remotely from our tech support team to trouble shoot issues and reduce the time your kiosk would be out of the field.

Networking with other agencies

When you have a wanted person who you believe has fled your jurisdiction, you are not limited by the ability to only post the information on your kiosks.  You also have the ability to take your campaign and with the press of a few buttons, share that campaign with other agencies outside your jurisdiction.  When you do this, your campaign is automatically uploaded to their web-based control panel and an alert is sent to their administrator(s).  The administrator is then given the option to accept or reject the campaign.  Once they select it, it is pushed out to their kiosks.  Once you take down the campaign it is automatically removed from every kiosk (yours and other agencies) where it is running and an email notification is sent to their administrator(s).

Campaign Statistics

Agencies are able to log in to their web portal and have campaign statistics at their fingertips.  The statistics will show how many wanted, public notifications, and missing people were posted by the agency as well as the disposition of each of these when the campaign was taken down.  See how many people were found, criminals captured, and people were identified in any given time frame.


Whenever a new campaign is assigned to your agency’s web portal, a copy of the campaign is emailed automatically to users who are assigned to be notified.

SoftwareCustomOff the shelf
Missing PeopleYesYes
Public request for helpYesYes
Automatic Amber Alerts (?)YesNo
Silver and Blue alert templates YesNo
Wanted FelonsYesYes
Sex Offender/PredatorsYesYes
Public Service AnnouncementsYesYes
Pre-Made Public Service AccouncementsYesNo
Update over cell serviceYesYes
Secure cell service VPN Network (?)YesNo
Customizable front/back end software (?)YesNo
Push out alerts to other agencies (?)YesNo
24/7 Tech SupportYesNo
Full featured advertising package (?)Coming SoonNo
Camera (?)OptionalNo
Templates (?)YesYes
Campaign Analytics (?)YesNo
Remote diagnostics of your kioskYesNo
Unit is self containedYesYes
Audio/Video capabilitiesYesYes
TV Style mountable wall unitYesNo
Social Media integration (?)YesNo
Third Party integration (?)YesNo
Mobile App (?)Coming SoonNo
Active Weather Map (?)OptionalNo