Coast Crime Stoppers unveils new Community and Crime Fighting Kiosk in Biloxi

BILOXI — Law enforcement officials and community stakeholders unveiled a new kiosk today that combines technology and community outreach to help solve crimes.

Shoppers at the Walmart on C.T. Switzer Drive in Biloxi will now see a new addition designed to combat crime and make a difference in the community. Lori Massey with Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers said, “We want to get it out to the community, all over South Mississippi, that these individuals may be wanted, missing, unsolved crimes, but also community connection.”

The Community and Crime Fighting Kiosk was purchased by Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers through Coast Electric’s Round-Up Grant.

Not only will it feature the latest information on crimes and missing persons, the electronic station will serve as a way for important weather updates and Biloxi ‘B-Alert’ texts to reach the public. Biloxi Police Chief John Miller said, “I’m telling ya, when people come into Walmart, this may be the first stop they make, is to look and see what’s on here before they buy groceries, but I can certainly guarantee you, they’re going to stop and check it out on the way out.”

With the addition of the kiosk and roll out of the Biloxi Police Department’s new camera registry program, Chief John Miller says technology continues to evolve as a crime fighting asset. “The days of running everything down on foot, you still have to do some of that, but there’s so much technology out there, whether it be cameras or whether it be the ability to quickly do a background check on a suspect, those things are there now. Things like this are just going to amplify that even more.”

As the first of its kind in the state, the crew at Crime Stoppers hopes the kiosk will be the first of many stations spread throughout South Mississippi. “By working together with community partners, law enforcement, and the media and the public sending tips to Crime Stoppers by working together we’ll keep our communities safe.”