Marion Police Department – Marion, Arkansas

The Marion Police Department received a Pro-Tektor kiosk in January of 2017. We are currently displaying it at our local Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. We have had many citizens amazed when they see the information we transmit out in a timely manner. There are many incidents that occur and we can transmit the information to the public very quickly compared to other methods which were slower. (more…)


Adair County Sheriff’s Office – Adair County, Missouri

The Adair County Sheriff’s Office took delivery of two Community Pro-Tektor kiosks in March of 2017. Adair County would be considered a rural county and has a population of approximately 26,000. The City of Kirksville is the county seat and it is within this city where the kiosks are located. Placed in high traffic volume areas, one has been positioned in our Hy-Vee grocery store while the other is located in an Ayerco convenience store/gas station. (more…)


Iola Police Department – Iola, Kansas

The Allen County Crime Stoppers unit purchased two of the Pro-Tektor Kiosk in January of 2017. We put both of them into service in February and in the two short months they have been in service we have made several arrest off of information that a citizen provided that they said they saw it on the kiosk. (more…)


Clarksville Police Department – Clarksville, AR

The Clarksville Police Department places new community information kiosk at the Marvin Vinson Center. This new kiosk system is designed to be law enforcement’s own personal news network for issuing real-time community alerts, notifications and warnings to the general public for assistance in locating missing people, identifying people of interest, and issuing positive community PSA messages from the Chief. (more…)


Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office – Tampa, Florida

On April 14, 2016 the newly created Community Pro-Tektor Pod Unit was installed at the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Falkenburg Road Jail. The pod unit was designed for use within a jail setting as the content would be displayed on many televisions. Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay chose to use the pod unit to show Unsolved Crimes and Wanted Fugitives. (more…)


Shelby County Sheriff’s Office – Shelby County, Ohio

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office received two Pro-Tektor kiosks in January of 2016. We have one of the two in our local Wal-Mart and the other in the lobby of our office. They have been a big hit with the public and the information we are able to transmit is invaluable. In emergency situations we are able to transmit and get the information to the public in a very timely manner. (more…)


Marion County Sheriff’s Office – Marion County, Florida

Since its deployment we have posted 105 wanted subjects on the kiosk. To date we have 53 apprehensions (over 50%). We have had 6 just this month. This does not include any of the missing, or runaways that have been located. (more…)


Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office – Wakulla County, Florida

I just wanted to take the time to notify you of the success we are having with our kiosks. Once we received and deployed our units, they were immediately accepted and well received by the citizens of our county. In fact during a recent storm, the surge protector tripped, causing the unit to power off. Once the power was restored, we immediately began receiving phone calls inquiring why it wasn’t working. (more…)