Pod Kiosk

The new Pro-Tektor® POD Notification Unit combines its revolutionary technology and custom LEO networking software in a sleek compact design that can integrate into your EXISTING TV network!! This Plug-N-Play unit is designed to stream photos and videos of wanted criminals, unsolved cases, cold cases and more!

Ideal for jails/prisons and wherever a TV network is already setup.

From Outside To Inside : Criminals Know Criminals

Feature YOUR counties most wanted fugitives & unsolved crimes. Criminals know criminals, so why not use your captive audience and existing TV network for generating tips & locating other wanted fugitives?!?


• Great for Jail’s & Pods
• Facility Controlled
• Law Enforcement’s Private News Network
• Wireless Networking Links Local, County & State Agencies Together
• Issue Real -Time Alerts of Criminal Activities or Person of Interest
• Provide Notification of Sexual Predators & Offenders
• Post Wanted Fugitives for Assistance in locating them
• Display PSA’s, From the Sheriff or Chief, To Your Inmates

Secure communications

The Community Pro-Tektor kiosks talk to our secure server through a Verizon secure VPN Connection.  What this means in plain English is that your kiosk has a Verizon modem in it with an IP address that is not publically accessible through the internet.  The only possible way to communicate with the modem is through the VPN Router that is in our secure data center.

In the event Verizon is not available in your coverage area, other carrier options may be available.

24/7 Support

Other companies may tell you if your kiosk were to go down at 2am no one would notice. We give you a live tech support person to talk to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.  Just like law enforcement, we are always just a call away.

Proprietary Software

The Community Pro-Tektor Kiosk Information System is not “off the shelf” software with limited capabilities.  Our software is written from the first line of code up.  If there is a specific functionality that your agency needs, our programmers can write that into the software for you.

Our kiosk software runs on the Linux operating system to add system stability to the kiosks.  This means less downtime and more public visibility.  Each kiosk can also be accessed remotely from our tech support team to trouble shoot issues and reduce the time your kiosk would be out of the field.


Whenever a new campaign is assigned to your agency’s web portal, a copy of the campaign is emailed automatically to users who are assigned to be notified.