CHAMPAIGN — The call came into the phone in Gary Spear’s office at the Champaign Police Department in the early-morning hours of Feb. 22, 1988, the same morning two women were murdered at a home in the city.

Police suspected that a person of interest, the son-in-law and brother-in-law of the victims, had already fled the state, but the caller said different.

He not only offered the name of the suspected killer — Harry Lee Gosier, who later pleaded guilty to the crime — but said he knew exactly where he was.

“He said, ‘He’s going to be leaving on a bus to Chicago, and he’s hiding at this location right now,’” Spear said. “I took as much information as I could, quickly…(more..)

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) – Tessie Tamores hasn’t been seen or heard from since Dec. 27, 2019 and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is running out of leads.


“Unfortunately at this point in the investigation, after nearly a year, some of the information we’re receiving is third-party and some of the information we’ve already followed up on.” Investigator Jason Pharez said. (more..)

As technology advances so do the different ways crooks can carry out their crimes.

Crime Stoppers, area businesses, and investigators have teamed up to forge yet another new way to fight and solve crimes.

It’s the holiday season and while many people are out shopping for gifts and making plans to spend Christmas with their loved ones, there are others who are victims of crime or missing their loved ones due to criminal acts…(more..)

Crime Stoppers and the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office are teaming up for a new high tech way to boost crime-fighting efforts.

A kiosk will be placed at the Champaign County Courthouse in Urbana that will aim to bring more awareness to unsolved Crime Stoppers cases and much more. (more..)

Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers purchased two additional crime fighting kiosks for Walmart following the installation of its first such kiosk at the Biloxi Walmart, according to a report.

The two additional kiosks were made by possible by an anonymous donation.

In addition to help fight crime, the kiosks provide information on road closures, weather reports and public service announcements. (more..)

The Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers purchased two additional community and crime fighting kiosks with an anonymous donation.

After the ribbon cutting for the first ever kiosk in the state at the Biloxi Walmart, an anonymous contributor made it possible for two more.

According to Lori Massey, coordinator for the Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers, (more..)

The Clarksville Crime Stoppers in Clarksville, Tennessee, installed the first of five information kiosks to support its outreach to the community, according to a report.

The organization installed the first 6-foot wide, 2-foot high Community Pro-Tektor Kiosk Information System last week at the Transit Center on Legion Street. The screen presents a variety of crime-fighting messages and notifications about criminal suspects. (more..)

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (CLARKSVILLENOW) – Clarksville Crime Stoppers, a cooperative program that involves citizens, media and police agencies in the fight against crime, has installed the first of five information kiosks to aid the organization’s outreach to the community.

A first unit of the Community Pro-Tektor Kiosk Information System was installed Friday at the Transit Center on Legion Street. (more..)

Law enforcement officials and community stakeholders unveiled a new kiosk today that combines technology and community outreach to help solve crimes.

hoppers at the Walmart on C.T. Switzer Drive in Biloxi will now see a new addition designed to combat crime and make a difference in the community. (more..)

Branching out from newspapers, TV and radio, Champaign County Crime Stoppers has ventured into electronic kiosk technology to spread its message.

Earlier this month, the crime-prevention and public-safety organization put a kiosk in the X wing at Parkland College, near the library stairs.

“We can change it by the minute,” said Dawn Coyne Trimble, vice president of the group’s board of directors. (more..)

A new kiosk has been installed at the Walmart Super Center in northwest Fresno.

The Valley Crime Stoppers “Pro-tektor” device can display information from missing or wanted people to weather advisories and amber alerts.  (more..)

JACKSON, TENN — Jackson-Madison County Crime Stoppers is adding a new tool to their arsenal to combat crime.

Wanted posters and public service announcements are just some of the things that can be found on the new Jackson-Madison County Crime Stoppers kiosks. (more..)

Baton Rouge Crime Stoppers will introduce a new tool to help solve crimes and apprehend wanted fugitives Thursday.

On October 18, the very first parish-wide kiosk will be demonstrated at the College Drive Walmart at 10:30 a.m.

According to authorities, five kiosks were recently purchased and will be dispersed throughout various locations in the capital city area. (more..)

VIRGINIA BEACH — Shoppers at Walmart stores here will soon be able to keep up with information about unsolved crimes and wanted persons in the city.

Virginia Beach Crime Solvers has partnered in agreement with local Walmart stores to place Community Pro-Tektor kiosks inside each of the Virginia Beach stores.  (more..)

The kiosks originally were used for crime prevention. They will now be used to promote healthy lifestyle choices, events and a free mobile app.

A handful of scrapped crime prevention kiosks tied to former Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair have found new life as part of a Marion County Hospital District health and wellness initiative.

The Active Marion Project (AMP) took 11 of the kiosks and gutted them, installed new electronics and will deploy them around the county to promote healthy lifestyle choices, events and their free mobile app.  (more..)

Kirksville, MO. — The Adair County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with local businesses to install a new kiosk system that the public can use to help law enforcement find wanted criminals.

‘”We’re always looking for new ways and ideas of doing things here in the sheriff’s office,” said Adair County Sheriff Robert Hardwick.

It’s called a Community Protractor kiosk system and the Adair County Sheriff’s Office is the first law enforcement agency to implement something like this in the state of Missouri.  (more..)

Crimestoppers Kiosks Debut Around Springfield

August 23, 2018

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – We’ve been telling you about the new crime stoppers kiosk rolling into a Springfield store, well, they are finally here.

The first one made its debut at the Walmart on Kearney Street this morning.

They will display amber alerts, wanted fugitive features, arrested posters and SPD recruiting information.

The others will be at the Library Station on Kansas Expressway, the library center on Campbell Avenue, and the Walmart on Independence. (more..)

Springfield Police have a new tool to help keep you safe.

Officers call it The Crime Stoppers Kiosk. It’s designed to be a one-stop-shop for anything Crime Stoppers-related. The kiosks will display information about wanted fugitives, Amber Alerts, and cold cases.

If you want to submit a tip, police say using a kiosk to get started is as simple as pulling out your smart phone.

“You won’t stand in front of it and submit a tip or anything like that,” says Officer Rachel Kleemann, the SPD Crime Stoppers Coordinator. “We felt like that would take away from the anonymity of the tipster, and that’s something that we want to make sure we keep.” (more..)

SPRINGFIELD, Mo- The Greater Springfield Crime Stoppers program is unveiling four new informational kiosks this week.

The kiosks will display Amber Alerts, wanted fugitive features, arrested posters, special features, SPD recruiting information, and general Crime Stoppers program information.

The kiosk decals highlight where community members can go for additional information and include QR codes that can be scanned for easy access to the tip submission form and the Crime Stoppers website. (more..)

MACOMB — Macomb Area Crime Stoppers has gained a new tool for getting its crime- and public service-related messages out to the public.

A public information kiosk made by Pro-Tektor was delivered to the McDonough County Sheriff’s Office on Nov. 20, an item Deputy Adam Cremer said features an “all-in-one system with modem, computer and screen locked in a box.“

The kiosk displays information including public service announcements, safety tips, most wanted criminals, missing people and date/time/weather information. Of course, the kiosk also displays information on how the public can report crimes anonymously to Macomb Area Crime Stoppers. (more..)

FORT MYERS, Fla. Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers has a new tool to help solve crimes and apprehend wanted fugitives in Southwest Florida.

Two kiosks were installed at two locations in downtown Fort Myers Tuesday afternoon. One is on the first floor of the Constitutional Office building on Thompson Street and the second is at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard entrance to the Lee County Courthouse.

Each kiosk features stories of unsolved homicides, pictures of wanted fugitives and reminders about public safety issues. A third kiosk will also be installed within the next two weeks in the Lee County Clerk of Court’s Office, Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers said. (more..)

Since the Iola Police Department installed a pair of digital crime-information kiosks in town about two months ago, it has received a number of tips directly linked to the new tools.

“I know of at least a couple $10,000 warrants that were called in,” said Mike Ford, community resource officer for the Iola Police Department and president of Kansas Crime Stoppers. “We’re a small town, so those are pretty big ones.”

Currently the town of 5,600 people has two of the kiosks, and the department is pleased with the number of tips it has received, Ford said. (more..)

KIRKSVILLE, Mo. — New to the state of Missouri comes a program to better link law enforcement to the community.

The Adair County Sheriff’s Office, partnered with Hy-Vee, has installed a notification kiosk..

Named “The Community Pro-Tektor”, the kiosk is programmed to showcase information that comes out of the Adair County Sheriff’s Office. (more..)

HIGH POINT — With new tools in its arsenal, Crimestoppers hopes to expand its reach in helping police capture wanted suspects.

With the help of a donation from a local security systems company, Crimestoppers of High Point recently put a Community Pro-Tektor kiosk at Pantry Fried Chicken on E. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

The kiosks aid police in everything from identifying a shoplifting suspect to asking for someone with information about a homicide to come forward anonymously. (more..)

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office is getting more help fighting crime thanks to technology.

“The Community Pro-Tektor” is a digital kiosk that displays information about fugitives, cold cases and even Amber Alerts.

“It’s a great information tool, we get a lot of tips off of that from unsolved crimes that we have,” said St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Cmdr. Chuck Mulligan. (more..)


They might not spit out a DVD or reveal a bank balance, but the information on these kiosk screens could catch a criminal or even save a life. And, it seems, local businesses and the people who frequent them are relying on the Sheriff’s Office crime-prevention kiosks that are appearing in more corners of the county.

“They’re in all of our stores,” said Kevin Camp, operating partner and co-owner of the Burger King outlets in Marion County. “People look at them constantly; I find myself looking at them whenever I’m in one of our stores.” (more..)

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office is adding additional staff to tackle crime around the county and it’s not costing them a dime. Their new recruits? Its citizens.

The sheriff’s office recently announced their plans to erect an “Electronic Crime Fighter” in every Walmart throughout the county.(more..)

SIDNEY — A new way to keep the community safe has been installed in the vestibule of Wal-Mart in Sidney.

The Pro-Tektor device, installed on Wednesday, is aimed at preventing crime and getting information to the public quickly, according to Shelby County Chief Deputy Jim Frye.

The five and a half feet tall electronic kiosk is personalized in real time with information programmed into it remotely from the sheriff’s office. (more..)

It’s suddenly much easier for local citizens to get their face on the small screen.On Thursday, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office began broadcasting wanted fugitives, missing persons and public service announcements on electronic kiosks that will be distributed around the county. (more..)

Citizens of Santa Rosa County, Florida, will soon be able to more easily identify criminals due to new digital signage kiosks that broadcast information on missing fugitives. The county’s sherriff office began to broadcast this information to the kiosks on Jan. 7, 2016, with plans to distribute three of them at community gathering points soon, according to a report by Pensacola News Journal. (more..)

Gahanna residents might be able to check out city legislative issues or retrieve a traffic-accident report on a kiosk while shopping at a local grocery store in the near future.

Gahanna City Council member Brian Larick said council several months ago discussed the challenge of residents being aware of activities, whether it’s construction or other city-related matters. (more..)

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office is using a new way to put public safety information in front of residents.

Federal dollars are funding six safety kiosks in busy areas around the county.

The Pro-Tektor kiosk screens are divided into three sections. The top shows information about missing people and unsolved crimes. The bottom of the screen shows information about wanted criminals and sex offenders and in the middle are safety tips. (more..)