The table below gives a brief comparison of the Pro-Tektor Crime Fighting kiosk compared to our School Resource kiosks.
Crime Fighting KioskSchool Resource Kiosk
Law Enforcement Templates (?)
School Focused Templates (?)
Automatic Amber Alerts (?)
Weather Templates (?)
Pre-Made Public Service Announcements
Screen Configurations: 1/3, 2/3, and full screen
Ability to move campaigns from one zone to another (?)
Emergency Button (?)
Update over cell service
Secure cell service VPN Network (?)
Customizable front/back end software (?)
Push out alerts to other agencies (?)
24/7 Tech Support
Full featured advertising package (?)Coming Soon
Optional Camera (?)
Campaign Analytics (?)
Remote diagnostics of your kiosk
Unit is self contained
Audio/Video capabilities
TV Style mountable wall unit
Social Media integration (?)
Third Party integration (?)
P3 Mobile App (?)
Active Weather Map (?)Optional