It’s all about Simplicity, Positive Impressions and Data Retention…

When a person walks into your agency or visits a job recruitment event you are hosting why provide a sheet of paper to be filled out?  Now you have to spend time deciphering it to manually enter that information into your computer/database system.  One mistaken character in either the phone number or email address could mean that a qualified applicant is never reached and just becomes a costly lost opportunity.

Simplicity – you can direct them to the Law Enforcement Recruitment iPad System that instantly creates a positive impression of your agency! The applicant simply enters their contact information on the iPad system and you receive a digital copy that is emailed directly to you/your agency for easy data retention.

Law Enforcement Recruitment iPad System

There are nearly one million law enforcement officers in the United States serving a population of 320 million adults and children. Law enforcement agencies constantly need to replace officers due to retirement and other causes of attrition, and in many places need to grow their ranks.

Simply sending officers to career fairs and hoping to have candidates stop by your table is not effective and has gone the way of the dinosaur.  Police executives must develop a strategy to hire and retain sworn personnel who are diverse and reflective of the community.

This iPad Recruitment setup was developed with law enforcement to help bridge recruitment and retention challenges police agencies currently face. This platform will help set the standard for processing applicants. Saving time from having to manually enter each application and errors that occur during data entry.  One incorrect character entered can mean the difference between an email successfully being delivered or being kicked back.

• Identify Qualified Applicants Quicker
• Reduce Errors
• Applications Emailed Directly to you
• Up-To-Date Technology
• Stay Engaged
• Cast a Wider Net
• More Publicity
• Increased Hire Retention

Protect Your Investment

Made from high grade materials with a glossy finish, this iPad stand is perfect for any setting. This mount has a height adjustable arm to engage with applicants of any age and size. The keyed lock enclosure ensures your tablet is safe when on display and protects it from tampering or theft.

With a large-wide base you can use it freestanding or bolt it down for added security and stability. The full tilt mount allows you to reverse this screen between applicants.

  • Full Reverse Tilt Mount
  • Keyed Lock Anti-theft iPad Enclosure
  • Padded Enclosure For Tablet Protection
  • Removable Home Button Cover
  • Front Facing Camera Accessible
  • Adjustable Height Cable Management Stand
  • Secure Vented Enclosure
  • Can Be Bolted To Floor

Custom Recruitment Software App

Its all about simplicity, impression and retention…

We developed this software with law enforcement to be fully-customizable to your agency. Including your agency’s badge to be designated on the template; including custom fields, allowing this to be user friendly for all applicants.

This iPad app allows several splash screens that promote your agency and allows the applicant to enter their own info (see sample of info collected below). Then each record is provided a unique ID number and emailed to a recipient(s) at the agency’s office. Each applicant’s info can then be added to a master Excel spreadsheet.

• Reducing Time To Hire
• Engage with Top  Candidates Quicker and Easier
• Keep Recruits Excited and MORE!!

The Goal

Given the fact that the police officer recruitment process is quite complicated and only the best candidates make it to receiving a job offer, it is very important to have the necessary tools to attract and retain qualified people for the job.

As law enforcement agencies begin to look at new and creative ways to meet never before seen hiring demand due to attrition and a strong economy, external partnerships with the police agency are starting to become a more accepted solution due to the technology solutions they provide.

Secure communications

The Community Pro-Tektor kiosks talk to our secure server through a Verizon secure VPN Connection.  What this means in plain English is that your kiosk has a Verizon modem in it with an IP address that is not publically accessible through the internet.  The only possible way to communicate with the modem is through the VPN Router that is in our secure data center.

In the event Verizon is not available in your coverage area, other carrier options may be available.

24/7 Support

Other companies may tell you if your kiosk were to go down at 2am no one would notice. We give you a live tech support person to talk to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.  Just like law enforcement, we are always just a call away.


Whenever a new application is completed, it is emailed automatically to users who are assigned to be notified.