Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers hope new kiosks will help solve cases

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) – Tessie Tamores hasn’t been seen or heard from since Dec. 27, 2019 and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is running out of leads.


“Unfortunately at this point in the investigation, after nearly a year, some of the information we’re receiving is third-party and some of the information we’ve already followed up on.” Investigator Jason Pharez said.


However, deputies still have hope to find the family closure.


“We know someone out there knows what happened to Tessie, knows where she is.” Pharez said.


Jackson County sheriffs and other law enforcement agencies along the Gulf Coast now hope that new kiosks from the Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers will help solve Tamores’ case as well as others in the region.


The kiosks display missing people, wanted suspects and PSAs inside Walmart locations in Pascagoula, Gulfport and Biloxi.


“(The kiosk) being out here in Walmart, everyone goes to Walmart, so we want people to know they can go up to this kiosk and put in the information that they know.” said Sergeant Shane Bozeman.


Officials also said the new technology will help solve more and more challenging cases.


“Everything is always evolving,” said Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers Coordinator Lori Massey. “Criminals get smarter so you have to get smarter along with them. We’re hoping that the shoppers in Walmart will notice people who are wanted.”


The Gulf Coast has the only three kiosks in the state of Mississippi. Officials said Hancock County will get a kiosk of its own once more funding is available.


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