Florida county to catch fugitives with digital signage kiosks

Citizens of Santa Rosa County, Florida, will soon be able to more easily identify criminals due to new digital signage kiosks that broadcast information on missing fugitives. The county’s sherriff office began to broadcast this information to the kiosks on Jan. 7, 2016, with plans to distribute three of them at community gathering points soon, according to a report by Pensacola News Journal.

The kiosks, which are called Community Pro-Tektor kiosks, also broadcast missing person announcements and other public service messages. They are designed with a three-paneled screen that can show text, photos or video. With missing children or adults with dementia cases, the kiosk will display the missing person’s photo and information on the top two-thirds of the display.

“When someone comes up missing or wanted, the only way people really know about it is if it affects them directly,” said Sgt. Rich Aloy. “Now we have a way to get the word out quickly to everyone at the same time.” All content on the kiosks is managed remotely, and they also include QR codes that allow citizens to scan and send a tip to Crime Stoppers.

The kiosks cost between $3,000 to $5,000 for each unit, and they were paid for by crime-prevention funds, according to Aloy.