Marion Police Department

3477 Highway 77

Marion, Arkansas 72364



The Marion Police Department received a Pro-Tektor kiosk in January of 2017. We are currently displaying it at our local Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. We have had many citizens amazed when they see the information we transmit out in a timely manner. There are many incidents that occur and we can transmit the information to the public very quickly compared to other methods which were slower.

Our experience with sales and tech support has been great! Anytime we have a question they have been a phone call or email away with quick response.

The Pro-Tektor kiosk is very user friendly. An individual does not need much experience in order to operate and push out information. I would recommend the Pro-Tektor kiosk to any agency because it not only helps fight crime but gets the community involved as well.


Detective Lt. Freddy Williams

Marion Police Department

Marion, Arkansas