The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office received two Pro-Tektor kiosks in January of 2016. We have one of the two in our local Wal-Mart and the other in the lobby of our office. They have been a big hit with the public and the information we are able to transmit is invaluable. In emergency situations we are able to transmit and get the information to the public in a very timely manner.

The service and tech support is beyond expectations, anything and everything we have asked they have done. We broadcast two weekly PSA to each kiosk and Pro-Tektor wrote a special program just so we could present these over the kiosk and get the messages out to our public.

Pro-Tektor is top notch and the product they deliver is the best. I would recommend Pro-Tektor to any agency because they stand by their word.

Sheriff John Lenhart
Shelby County Sheriff’s Office