I just wanted to take the time to notify you of the success we are having with our kiosks. Once we received and deployed our units, they were immediately accepted and well received by the citizens of our county. In fact during a recent storm, the surge protector tripped, causing the unit to power off. Once the power was restored, we immediately began receiving phone calls inquiring why it wasn’t working. Even the local grocery store has reported people congregating in the area where it is displayed, to see the information we put out. In the bottom section we have listed our county’s sexual predators and wanted persons. In the three months we have had the Kiosk deployed; we have apprehended nearly 40% of the people highlighted with active warrants, some we have been looking for, for nearly 2 years. The kiosks have proven to be a perfect tool in enhancing our department’s community outreach programs, to keep the public informed and seek public input on unsolved crimes. If I can be of any assistance to you in the future, please do not hesitate to call me.

Sergeant Lorne Whaley
Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office